Berlisbon, which is short for Berlin & Lisbon is back to Berlin. DJ aroma* being the Berlin part and Gustavo Rodrigues being the Lisbon part are a rare team as DJs because they live 3000 Km away from each other. But, they are an old team as producers since quite a while. The new release “Techno made me do it” was out in September on Audio Collective. Soon they will be back with another Technoslamer. As a dj team its really fun to watch them and see that that 1+1 is way more than just the sum of two. Watch their hands on the decks, they look like brother and sister, at least thats what people say.

See them at SFB- Sender Freies Butzke, Sat Feb 14th, Berlin, Ritter Butzke

Video is from their gig on oct 24th, 2014



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