Its always like this, it all comes at once. we had the party in ritterbutzke on may first, which was organized by ritter butzke and aromamusic, and there was some sort of a third opening in a new and very nice venue named jonny knüppel. in betweeen no sleep because of a block party with 60.000 people all over kreuzberg , and a nice afterhour on sunday after not being able to sleep….but there is a medicine for bad tuesday moods, here is a recording of the thursday night set , as you can hear it was a very nice moment .  —-> Listen here:


Look at this 😉 —>


The streetparty in kreuzberg dates back to a riot in 1987. We made a funny game, to make the kids enjoy riots and hurt no one…make love ❤ the stones are fake, they are really fluffy made from an old matrass.


Morning glory at Jonny Knüppel


The block party starts.


We made some special buttons for the party in Ritter Butzke.


Majvi taking care that the kids play properly and get sweets.


Hütte at Ritter Butzke, Smacs and Casimir von Oettingen playing great sets.


YouANDme Martin, a headliner with an incredible opening set, right side: Marcel Janovsky, also an incredibly good and long set at Ölfasslager.