This has been a busy two weeks, so lets give the news in news style:

Beautifooled almost hit the top ten minimal on Beatport, it was on 11 for a good week and is now a constant player in the top 20. Beatport Beautifooled

Ritter Butzke Studio published a podcast , want to enjoy 60 minutes of deep techy aroma, please click:

Our conference Music Ahead which was a community session, a backstage dinner and a panel discussion combined with some think tanks was way more than we expected. There were so many great discussions thoughts and insights, if you understand german please read more here or watch the videos. We are now working on the documentation and more audios, also in English.

Lastly we also celebrated a nice party with our Berlin friends to say hello to the 11th year of aromamusic. Really enjoably nice little party , we promise to do a bigger one next year when the time to prepare and party is not so rare like the last months.