16128897_10154879994833187_1024219483_n  A very special party with an all friends for friends line up –  waste the night with us and enjoy liceacts, heavy salon entertainment with a singer-songwriter performance, lounging, the crazy ölfasslager techno floor, the berlin schneckno floor and the smooth minimal tech floor at the grauzone aka. birkenhain.

12 years aromamusic
Ritter Butzke , 17. Feb 2017
THE CHEAPERS (Upon you records)
DJ aroma
*  (aromamusic)
Garnica (Galaktika Records, Barcelona)
(Hive Club, Zürich)
Techno Frühstück
(Techno Wg)
Live: Negativ Dekadent (Destroy All Monsters)
Schneckno Floor hosted by Baba Sikander
Plus: Excessive Lounging and Salon Entertainment