This is a cake I invented for christmas. It was too much snow to go shopping so I used what I found in the basement.
– flower
– butter
– sugar
– one egg
– cherries in a flask
– cream cheese
– sour creme
– german fresh cheese / quark
– ground hazelnuts
– cinamon spice
– coconut flakes
The trick is to have it half baked and half cold from the fridge. The taste comes through the combination.
First make a dough from 100 g of butter, the egg yolk, a huge cup of flower and 3 large spoons of sugar. Put it all together and work it. If it does not get sticky add a homeopathic dose of water. Take 2/3s of the dough in a form and put it in a fridge. Now use a mixer and use the white of the egg with some suger to make it a stiff white mass. Use half of the sour cream, half of the cream chesse and half of the quark to mix it with the white egg mass. Add 5 large spoons of sugar. Now take the form from the fridge, spead a handful of cherries on the dough and cover it all with the cheesy mass. Use the rest of the dough to make crumples on top and put it at 150 degrees in the oven for not more than 15 minutes. The result is an elaborated cheesecake. Meanwhile prepare the cover. Use the same recipie as above, not using egg but this time add the hazelnuts. Give the cake a rest to cool down after baking and then put cherries on top of the crumbels, covering with the cheese-hazelnut mass. On top make a nice decoration with cherries and cover with coconut flakes, cinamon and suger. Put it in the fridge for a good hour or two. Serve, enjoy. Its a little bit of work , but its worth it.